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April 1, 2021

RE:  Dreamcatcher Ranch Homecoming following the Serendipity Tour

Sedona Magazine is all abuzz about the renovations at the Dreamcatcher Ranch– the bungalow just east of the Village of Oak Creek that has recently been transformed.  Sedona is a place that is nothing short of miraculous, so when the magazine heard about the Dreamcatcher Foundation, they just had to know more.  Sitting in her favorite morning spot, curled up on the couch of the shaded outdoor living room with a fresh cup of coffee, Internet Entrepreneur Gail Kelly smiles thinking about hounnamedw the last 6 months have gone, getting the house to exactly what they wanted . . .  the magnificent kitchen, 4 cool bedrooms and of course, the view – always the view over the Red Rocks.     It’s like stepping back to a simpler time, but with the comfort and convenience of the ‘20’s.”

“It has been the culmination of 4 years of hard work to get us here.”

The air is perfect this time of year – well, really when isn’t it perfect in Sedona?

“I can’t get over how nice and laid back it is to be here in Arizona after living in the uptight Northeast for so long!  We will always honor and cherish our New England roots – it’s part of our journey, and it’s where our story began.”

Kelly and her husband of nearly 27 years, John Medeiros are getting ready to host their annual get together here at the ranch with their closest friends.  “We cook together, laugh, hike, dance, and Mastermind what is coming next for us as a team and for each of us individually.   Of course, it has to coincide with my birthday, because what better time to celebrate!”

“Why Sedona – what brought you here to begin with?”  the reporter asks.

“It was nothing short of remarkable how it all came together.   I think back to that day in the fall of 2016 driving on 495 when it was so clear what my passion was – to state clearly what I wanted in the world and then put in the work for the vision to unfold.   I knew that Sedona was where we wimg_0666ould be – there is a magnetic force in these beautiful red rocks that for me was so much more visceral than a place to vacation or play golf.   I’ll never forget the sensation I had the first time I drove into town and felt those rocks surround me in warm embrace.  I knew I was home.  We felt ageless here, and knew that it was our special place to be grounded and centered.  Maybe it’s the Vortex.
“The Dreamcatcher was always my vision of our Market America business, even way back in the early teens when the company first acquired  Just like the legend of the Dreamcatcher, we capture a small piece of every transaction that flows through our web portal.  It was pure Serendipity that we were drawn back to the business, and that acquisition was the final topping on a masterful plan that we had always believed in.  The vision of economically connecting households was brilliant and together we have all become stronger just by living and teaching others to follow the system.

“It all came together when we started working with the Military Families, though.   There is such a strong bond between them and my vision of Vets Helping Vets was the start of it all.  Now we have been able to impact thousands just through following the system.  I love the ideas that have spun off – from the Military Mutts K9 Rescue to the Homeland Heroes – bringing together the military spouses; we have been blessed to be able to impact so many to have the self-sufficient means to follow their own bliss.

“How exactly are you supporting the Military – what was the draw there?”

“We have been personally touched by the Military –my husband is a Vet, and we have seen so many good and hard-working patriotic families who have stepped up to the plate to represent our country and keep us safe around the world.  Their work impacts their whole family.  We wanted to do something that would let them know truly how much they were appreciated, but also give them the opportunity to be self-sufficient.  Many have come025_22 home severely wounded and are starting their lives over.    But in the meantime, everyone needs to shop for everyday things – toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, shampoo, dog food . . . you get the picture.   We show them how to take the money they were going to spend anyway and to create an ongoing annuity with it.”

“Wow, that is truly amazing” says Sedona Magazine.  “You’re going to have to tell me more about that!”

Kelly laughs.  “Yes, let’s set up a time.  We believe in teaching people a system to be completely self-sufficient.  We knew that there was a reason that we kept being drawn back to this business because we hadn’t yet completed the work to be done.  The last time was finally a charm – We knew that it would just take 6 dedicated months to get it off the ground in a solid foundation, and ironically it coincided with when I reconnected with Mark and Davene through the Master Keys system.  I was looking deep within myself at that time to know how and why I wanted to take my life to the next step.  It started for me right after the Regional that year and I never stopped.  It was like the moment of hesitation between the idea and the action finally disappeared and it all unfolded for me.

“Ironically, it was never about me and my success – it was about bringing this message to others and letting them make their own decision.  We already believed in Pay it Forward – and through this business, we could only be successful by helping others to be successful.  All we had to do was trust the process.  It was amazing to experience how the more we gave and shared, the more it came back to us.  At some point, it took on a life of its own, and that’s how the Dreamcatcher Foundation started.  We have spun off all of these cool little kickstarter businesses, just helping people to use the business to let their imagination run wild.”

“So what is the Serendipity Tour?”  Kelly pauses to smile – taking another sip of her coffee.

“Our business is pleasure!   JR and Loren heard about what we have created with the Foundation, and asked us to speak in Miami this year.  I spoke about how when we turned our focus to gracious giving, we couldn’t help but be successful.    It’s a simple concept, really – the Universal Law of Giving.  Now when someone brings us a good idea, we invest in them by Masterminding and mapping out how to get it done.  There are so many great ideas out there in the world just waiting for action!  We connect people and resources as a force for good. “

“After that, we took some time and went down to Key West to visit friends, and to Texas to see my family – We nicknamed it the Serendipity tour because everywhere we go, we meet brilliant new people and we just trust that we are guided to the next step.  We have discovered our own bliss by helping others to get started with theirs.”

“So amazing – we hear of stories like this happening, but not so quickly.  What’s next for you?”

“We love being here, but our passion is also travel.  We’re planning another trip to Australia just as it starts to get really hot here – probably stopover in the Islands to hang out with Mark and D. for a few days – but it will be perfect timing to be Down Under for their cooler weather.    We don’t get to see our Australian friends as much as we’d like in person – of course through the business we are always in contact.  It has been so much fun and such a blessing to build and grow and share and receive, and play and travel, and then to come home with so much love.”


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