Keeping the Magic in the Moments


“It was great. . . .it was amazing . . . . there’s nothing like it . . . “   How do you put it all into words?  We’ve all had that experience – you come back from a vacation, or an exotic island or a life-altering retreat – and it’s just hard to describe for our friends, families and colleagues.  Without a doubt, Kaua’i is a magical land.

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Travelling what felt like halfway around the world. . . waking to the crows of “Louie the Rooster,” falling asleep to the sounds of the constant waves crashing on the beach, feeling the constant gentle breeze, or the intoxicating smell of the island flower plumeria.   There is also something magical about being in such a different time zone – almost as though time is standing still while the rest of the world marches forward.

Davene told me that to live on the island is a different experience.  Some people move there to fulfill a lifelong dream – and some to live a different life. The island either gets really big or really small.  They either embrace the idea or get freaked out that they are on a big rock in the middle of the ocean, a whole island that is no bigger than Essex County, MA – Newburyport to Andover to Woburn and back. . . . a small county in a small state.

Louie the Rooster or one of his many cousins.  Photo credit Kajean Secord Bennett 

The Island was full of surprises.  Tim, the Metaphysical Parking Attendant Farmer’s Market, told us that the island is the place for manifestation. . . . to be very clear about what we wanted to manifest in our lives.

I saw some 40 individuals go through transformation in a matter of a few days . . . start the week ready for adventure and end the week realizing that the journey was as much within as it was outside.  My heart was touched by the courage of Jenny, the vulnerability of Robert, the pure joy of Brittany, the beauty of Monica and the deep heart of Armelle.    Each spirit emerged and unfolded in front of us, like a gift being opened on Christmas morning.

It was a shared and joyful experience, as when we let go of the things that have held us back, when we danced the hokey pokey or sang Uug-a-chuck-a-Uug-a-uug-a, Ug-a-chuck-a-Uug-a-uug-a.  We belted out “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart!”

We listened, we learned, we explored, we worked, We came to GROW!  But each day was just another day like any other day.  Just 24 hours.  The sun rose and set like on any other day.  The clouds drifted in and out, the tides rose and fell, the grass grew and the breeze blew.  It’s what we poured into each day and into ourselves that made the difference on those days in the Master Key Live Event.

And we don’t have to worry that we left that magic on the island – because the magic is within each of us every single day, no matter where we are and no matter who we are with.  Each day we have the opportunity to keep growing.

I know my heart has been opened in ways that I cannot explain.  To be touched by a song, a story or even a picture.  . . . to witness someone taking steps toward their dream job, dream relationship, or just a big risk.  The world seems different to me.   Every day is a new opportunity to continue to create the new life I desire and to make my impact on the world.  To spread my wings and fly.

flying bird







Week 19 – The Hero’s Journey and the Heart of a Champion

super-bowl-sb-51-logo-500Let me start by saying that I’m not a crazy fan – I can’t quote stats, yardage, or rankings.  I couldn’t care less about free agents and the draft.  Rarely will I watch an entire game – and certainly not when my team is not playing.  I won’t watch back to back games, and I don’t follow high school or college teams.  There is really only one team that I care to follow, and it just so happens that they get to play in a lot of games.  (honestly, I find it hard to watch when they are not playing)


The Call to Adventure with a Definite Major Purpose.  We had the privilege to witness a Hero’s Journey unfold last weekend.    You may or may not be a football fan.  And depending on which side you were rooting for, you may have had a differe079a08e2a8304f17c97e3bf3f2e9ee73nt feeling on Monday morning after the Super bowl.  But you cannot dispute that we watched in an amazing story in real-time.  From the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs, we saw a team – that by all odds was favored to win the Superbowl  – be out run, out caught, out tackled, out scored, intercepted and thrown on their butts for 42 minutes on the biggest stage in the world.




Accepting the Call:  One thing you have to say for the Patriots is that they set their intentions clearly.  There is no other possible outcome for them other than a Championship.  And not just any championship.  A singular accomplishment that no other team had ever achieved.  5 time champions over the course of 16 years.  A legacy. A record. An indisputable fact.  A clear vision and a leader with a unshakable belief.


Entering the Unknown: Against all Odds with a Positive Mental Attitude.  This game was not a cake-walk.  The Falcons were a tough, smart, fast team with supreme confidence and a record to back it.  They dominated the game from the moment it started.  They let the Patriots know immediately that they meant business and did not come to play around.  They scored, and scored, and scored, and scored again.  They ran circles around the Pats, almost making them look like big, slow giants stuck in molasses.  AMFOOT-NFL-SUPERBOWL

Coming back from a 28-3 score after nearly 75% of the game had been played was by all measures an impossible task.  How often have we found the need to screw our own courage to the wall and keep moving forward when nearly 3/4 of our intentions have been failure?   They didn’t get rattled.  They didn’t panic.  They didn’t change their game plan.  They just stayed the course and took the game one play at a time.

SuperNatural Aid – a 12th Man (and Woman) on the field

We all need a cheering section.  And the Pats fans are wild about their team.  I would argue that every team at that level has fans that are
passionate and help to lift the energy of their team.

For Tom, it was not jusbrady-e1486277305784t the team or the fans, it was his Mom who has been his biggest fan – and has been battling a significant illness this year.  And his Dad, who is his hero that he thinks about every day.  There is such an air of humility when he speaks about the depth of love and respect that he has for his family and the special bond that they share.

There is no doubt that this team was tested through a supreme ordeal.   And all they needed was a toehold, one moment when the momentum and the fate of the game changed.  Was that moment the Donte Hightower’s strip sack on the Falcons’ Quarterback? Was it Julian Edelman’s remarkable catch? Was is Danny Amendola breaking the plane of the end zone to score 2 points? Was it James White’s amazing 14 receptions and 3 touchdowns?  (see, aren’t you impressed with my stats?  lol)  Or was it because of Brady’s belief that they all believed?  Together they created a synergy that lifted the team to something beyond comprehension that this Patriots fan will never forget.    2013__05__new-england-patriots-logo-380x176

Week 18 – She’s Counting on Me!

Have you ever started out on a journey – could be a change of habit like getting in shape or changing your diet…..  might be training for a marathon or a long distance bike ride….  Something that you are committed to and really want to do.  And you thought, what if I had a buddy?  Someone to train with.  Something that we can do together.

Somehow it’s easier to get up at dawn ’cause she’s going to be there.  You’re going to meet to do those 5am or 6am workouts together.  You’re going to meet for those 20 mile rides after work.  You’re going to make the phone calls together.  You show up because you gave your word, and you know that she’s counting on you.

I am motivated when I give my word.   People have always relied on me to be the one to show up.  In my early career, I was known as “the Glue” because I always held the place together.  One of my greatest strengths has always been that “you can count on me to get the job done…thoroughly and with integrity.”

Back in Week 6, I was introduced to a Stranger.   Week 6 – Hello Stranger!  Someone that I had not yet met, but intend to spend the rest of my life with – she is my reason to get up early in the morning, and to push myself in the evening.  She is my mentor – the person I have looked up to for my whole life, and especially now in this time of uncovering my true self.  People want to be with her – they love the sound of her laugh, the sparkle in her eye – her wisdom that she shares freely.  People flock to her because of her magnetic personality.  She is with me on long drives, and when I am in my most intimate thoughts.   She is the reason that I cleanse my palate with nourishing greens, and let my spirit dance freely.

But she is not just my mentor, she is counting on mbuddahe to be there for her, too.  She is counting on me to be the one to put in the work so that we can be together and have the life we have imagined.  We know it has taken some time to build the momentum, and she has been patiently waiting, but we have set some goals together and she’s counting on me.   I now know that I need to take the lead because she is there waiting for me.

“What would the person I intend to become do next?”

I keep her in the front of my mind every day, and remind myself of the promise I have made to her.  For she is my greatest love, and she drives me to be my best self.  I have had to put other things in front of her – career and family obligations that needed to be addressed, but now we are free to be together.   We have big dreams. And big plans. And nothing can keep us apart, because I have given her my word.

Week 17 – The Winning Ticket

15150_en_gbWe couldn’t believe it.  We stared at the scratch ticket.  Counted the cards.  Was it really possible?  Was this $5 ticket that my husband had bought the real deal?  I don’t play poker, but this new lottery scratch ticket mimics the craze of World Championship Poker, and outlines on the back the rank of who beats what. Royal Flush, Full House, Straight, etc. they were all just background noise.  But here it was. Clear as day.  We had 5 consecutive cards and the scratch opponent (the state) had 3 of a kind.  According to the back, we had won.  The prize was $1 Million Dollars.

What does it feel like to win a Million Dollars?  We were very calm.  First, I signed the ticket – after all, we are in Massachusetts where everyone has their hand in the till.  I calmly got my coat and ID, and we drove back to the store.  First thing I told my husband, “If we just won a Million Dollars, you’re coming to Hawaii with me for MKMMA!”  Heck, might as well just stay in Hawaii for a while!  But then the needs became more simple – “I want to get you new tires for your car.”  “I want to pay off our bills.”  “I just want to feel like we can breathe!”   But then what would we do next?

Lucky I’ve been sitting and visualizing that future self – that rich smell of the desert oasis where the magnetic fields take away the stress in your body, and the sun drenches you with Vitamin D.  To me, debt free means a life of freedom – free to serve others, free to tread the earth gently and live peacefully – to live by the heart compass and not by the corporate alarm clock.  The sits, the studies, the colors and shapes – all to tap in to the meaning of life.  The life that is “not measured by how many breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”  The meaning that we breathe into the life that we live and the lives that we impact.

The ticket was not a winner.  But my belief was so strong that it took two different store clerks at two different stores and a call to the State Lottery Commission to convince me.  It was fun to dream of a shortcut for just that 1 hour today.  But I have a winning ticket already.  For I am nature’s greatest miracle.

“I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.  I am no longer fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open.  I look beyond the cloth and I am not deceived.” Og Mandino 

We have our love.  We have our health. And every day is a new opportunity to build the life of which we dream.


Week 16 – It’s all about Kindness

“Remember, there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end”. – Scott Adams



Kindness is all around us.  It is the great equalizer.  Kindness does not care where you live, what kind of car you drive, if you are successful, whether you are a parent, a child, went to Yale or came from jail.  We all have the capacity to be kind.

Kindness is decision.  Every human interaction that we have has a point of decision. . . Am I improving this person’s life or day because our lives crossed, is our interaction completely neutral (which in some cases can be seen as positive), or am I making this person’s day worse.  I have lived for many years with with belief that Good Deeds are contagious.  Have you ever stopped to let someone in to heavy traffic, and then seen them in turn let someone else in?  Those good deeds and that good vibration transfers forward and like a silver wave of happiness, it cannot be stopped.  The ripple effect that Adams references above can start with one person making a decision to proactively “be kind” to everyone they meet today.

Kindness is courage.  Sometimes it takes courage to be the bigger person and rise above criticism, or to say something positive when the Vibe around you is all negative.  It takes courage to stand against the crowd and break the cycle that is going off track and down an unproductive road.    It takes courage to shift the direction of a vibe that is off course, or to start a whole new direction.

Kindness is action.  The impact of thinking about kind thoughts or deeds and thinking unkind or even neutral thoughts creates the same result.   When no action takes place – the result is the same – no one knows you were thinking of you, no one’s day was changed, no one’s heart is lightened.

Kindness is free to give but it’s abundance is endless.  We all have the capacity and can make all the difference on a daily basis, through decision, courage and action.   What is the legacy that you will leave today?

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something.  I will not refuse to do the something I can do.” –  Helen Keller

Week 15 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

“Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am.   I fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.”  – OG Mandino

I made a decision to start 2017 with a bang.  Kicking off the back side of the course, I’ve set a course to observe the evidence around me of decisiveness – and happy to report that Decisions are everywhere.   I see them in myself – in following through on my commitment to work out – in the daily decision to drive to my job and in the decision to expand my business.  I see it in others – my fitness instructor who develops a workout that challenges us, the decision of my friend who reached out looking for guidance so that she could help her friend; and in my other friend who eagerly agreed to help someone she has never met before.

Every day, our lives touch dozens of other lives – maybe even hundreds when you consider how many people we pass on the road.  And the hundreds of decisions that each of us make every day impact everyone with whom we come in contact.

We see people everyday who have courageously stepped beyond the ordinary to proclaim their uniqueness to the world.  To boldly embrace the power that comes from the depth of their souls.  We champion them.  We cheer them.  We admire them.  All it takes is a daily belief in ourselves and the decisions that we make.  In the history of all mankind, no one has ever made the exact same choices for the exact same reasons – because we are all completely unique in every way.  I am completely blown away by OG’s statement above.  I have known it in my heart for a very long time, but to see it staring back at me was profound.  2017 is my pivotal year.  I am what I will to be.




Week 12 – Turning Inside Out

“It is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal . . . never do I know how close it lies until I turn the corner.”  Og Mandino

Isn’t it funny how the exact lessons that we need are presented to us – and are presented again and again as we need them.  The progression is designed exactly as we need it – from Habits to Love to Persistence.  Persistence is where we start digging in to do the work . . . .not that the rest of it hasn’t been work, but this is the point in the road when the road is long.  Sometimes there are bumps, sometimes the road gets wet or even a little foggy.

I’ll never forget riding my bike in Bar Harbor, Maine on an October weekend years ago.  I was new to serious riding, but as a group we decided we wanted to ride up Cadillac Mountain.  Cadillac is the tallest peak on the East Coast, and I had driven up the road at least once in my life, but biking brings a whole new perspective. As we started up the road, the fog started to roll in.  All we knew was up.


One pedal push after another, no way to tell how far we had come or how far we had to go.  Up the road, around the corner, up the road, around the corner.  It got so thick at one point I’m not sure we could see more than 3 feet in front of our bikes.   Up the road, around the corner, up the road around the corner.  I never panicked.  I never lost faith.  I never doubted my ability to succeed – even though I couldn’t see the goal or know how much longer we would be climbing up the mountain.

Why does where we are now in the MKMMA remind me of this first serious bike ride?  I had no way of knowing where I was in relationship to achieving my goal.  The excitement of the beginning had worn off, and the exhilaration of the finish was elusive.I knew that I needed to put in the work, and the work was very simple.  Just stay the course.   Eventually we reached the top, and as promised, it was just around the corner.  And well worth the hard work.    I also learned it was not just about me reaching the GOAL, it was about ME reaching the goal – the lessons I learned along the way and who I learned that I am in persisting toward that goal – have taken me much farther than I ever dreamed – that’s the true value planting the seeds that flourish.


Sometimes it’s better not to know.  Not to know how close or how far from the goal we are. But the work that needs to be done comes into very clear focus the longer that we persist towards our goals.  The important thing is not to lose track of the ultimate goal, and not to allow other things get in the way.

At the end of the day, we follow the compass, we look clearly through the magnifying glass and we keep the main thing the main thing.




Week 10 – Fabulous Nuggets from the Universe


Two of my friends lost loved ones during the Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  Both of them only 62.  Their dash is done.  They don’t get another day or another year to get it right.

I’ll be honest.  I’ve been at a bit of a crossroads.  I’ve been at that point where “I’ve been putting in all the work, now where’s my reward.”  And little messages have been surrounding me.

A friend of mine posted a short video on her “Women of God” fb page.  A very well-known woman minister was saying (and I’ll paraphrase here)  “God is hearing us say ‘why’.  But what we really need to be saying is I’m gonna trust you God.  I don’t understand this, this hurts, this feels like it’s going to kill me, but I trust you.   And I  believe that no matter what happens, that you can and will work it out for good if I keep my eyes on you.”

WOW!  How much did that smack me right in the middle of the forehead?  How often have I given the effort for a defined period of time and then had my hand out looking for the result.. . . looking for the evidence that I am on the right path.  When what I need to do is just stay the course, and put the faith in “something greater than myself.”

Another little message through the universe came when I stumbled on an old friend’s blog from when she first started her MKE journey.  It was fun to read where she was 6 years ago, and to appreciate that she has realized so many of her dreams today.  She stayed the course, dragged kicking and screaming sometimes, as she looked at her own resistance and old head games, but she is evidence that this $#!7 works when you work it, when you set your mind to it and do the work.  It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect – we just need to be human and to do the work.

And then came the new Chapter.   “I will persist until I succeed.”  Ok ok I get it.  Little love notes from the Universe. Stay the course.  Do the work.  I have a bright and beautiful future that I am creating right now.   And I am here to enjoy the journey, because the present is a gift that we can all choose to embrace with gratitude.



Week 8 – The 7 Day Mental Cleanse

For it is another of Nature’s Laws that only a Habit can subdue another Habit.”  Og Mandino

A diet is such a harsh thing…It’s so lonely.  It signifies “lack.” Is it a Crash Diet?   A Detox?   A grapefruit Diet?   Diet sounds like deprivation.   Even Garfield the clever cartoon cat said “have you ever noticed that the first 3 letters of Diet are D-I-E?”

When first contemplating the Mental Diet, I did consider that perhaps a part of me might have to die in order to move forward…  The part that loves to have an opinion.  The part that loves to have the last word.  It’s so hard to just leave a thought hanging.  I keep more than a few peptides fed with that malarkey.  Walk away from all entertainment and Social commentary for a week?  Right now?   What will that possibly mean for me????

I have to admit, it is lovely to take a break.  But what would it mean to consider the concept of a cleanse rather than a diet.  A cleanse is refreshing.  A cleanse offers a new start.  A cleanse adds vitality to your life rather than depriving you of something you love.  Who doesn’t love to indulge in an invigorating shower, just to chascan3nge your perspective and have a whole new view on the world?  Isn’t it a special surprise when your car has been completely cleaned by a sudden and vigorous rainstorm?  Even a colon cleanse is a great way to get rid of the B.S. that has been backing you up for years!    There is a reason we’ve all had some of our best ideas in the shower.

So here is where I am on Day 4 of my mental cleanse.  I haven’t even peeked at Facebook.  I have not listened to the news or any commentary on the radio, nor have I read anything online.  I figure if the world is coming to an end, someone will let me know.  And you know what has happened?  My inner voice is pretty happy.  She’s in a pretty good mood.  Like, all the time!   She’s really digging the contemplative quiet to expand her imagination.  She’s getting into her roots and coming up with some inspired ideas.  It is a joy to connect with people live . . . and it’s so calm.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing all of those things, but it’s hard to think clearly when you are in an echo chamber that is keeping you in the same place.  Each person is like a gift that unfolds in front of me.   Now, I know it’s not over completely between me and social media.  But making intentional and healthy choices is a positive way to feed a mindset for a productive future.