Keeping the Magic in the Moments


“It was great. . . .it was amazing . . . . there’s nothing like it . . . “   How do you put it all into words?  We’ve all had that experience – you come back from a vacation, or an exotic island or a life-altering retreat – and it’s just hard to describe for our friends, families and colleagues.  Without a doubt, Kaua’i is a magical land.

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Travelling what felt like halfway around the world. . . waking to the crows of “Louie the Rooster,” falling asleep to the sounds of the constant waves crashing on the beach, feeling the constant gentle breeze, or the intoxicating smell of the island flower plumeria.   There is also something magical about being in such a different time zone – almost as though time is standing still while the rest of the world marches forward.

Davene told me that to live on the island is a different experience.  Some people move there to fulfill a lifelong dream – and some to live a different life. The island either gets really big or really small.  They either embrace the idea or get freaked out that they are on a big rock in the middle of the ocean, a whole island that is no bigger than Essex County, MA – Newburyport to Andover to Woburn and back. . . . a small county in a small state.

Louie the Rooster or one of his many cousins.  Photo credit Kajean Secord Bennett 

The Island was full of surprises.  Tim, the Metaphysical Parking Attendant Farmer’s Market, told us that the island is the place for manifestation. . . . to be very clear about what we wanted to manifest in our lives.

I saw some 40 individuals go through transformation in a matter of a few days . . . start the week ready for adventure and end the week realizing that the journey was as much within as it was outside.  My heart was touched by the courage of Jenny, the vulnerability of Robert, the pure joy of Brittany, the beauty of Monica and the deep heart of Armelle.    Each spirit emerged and unfolded in front of us, like a gift being opened on Christmas morning.

It was a shared and joyful experience, as when we let go of the things that have held us back, when we danced the hokey pokey or sang Uug-a-chuck-a-Uug-a-uug-a, Ug-a-chuck-a-Uug-a-uug-a.  We belted out “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart!”

We listened, we learned, we explored, we worked, We came to GROW!  But each day was just another day like any other day.  Just 24 hours.  The sun rose and set like on any other day.  The clouds drifted in and out, the tides rose and fell, the grass grew and the breeze blew.  It’s what we poured into each day and into ourselves that made the difference on those days in the Master Key Live Event.

And we don’t have to worry that we left that magic on the island – because the magic is within each of us every single day, no matter where we are and no matter who we are with.  Each day we have the opportunity to keep growing.

I know my heart has been opened in ways that I cannot explain.  To be touched by a song, a story or even a picture.  . . . to witness someone taking steps toward their dream job, dream relationship, or just a big risk.  The world seems different to me.   Every day is a new opportunity to continue to create the new life I desire and to make my impact on the world.  To spread my wings and fly.

flying bird







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