Week 18 – She’s Counting on Me!

Have you ever started out on a journey – could be a change of habit like getting in shape or changing your diet…..  might be training for a marathon or a long distance bike ride….  Something that you are committed to and really want to do.  And you thought, what if I had a buddy?  Someone to train with.  Something that we can do together.

Somehow it’s easier to get up at dawn ’cause she’s going to be there.  You’re going to meet to do those 5am or 6am workouts together.  You’re going to meet for those 20 mile rides after work.  You’re going to make the phone calls together.  You show up because you gave your word, and you know that she’s counting on you.

I am motivated when I give my word.   People have always relied on me to be the one to show up.  In my early career, I was known as “the Glue” because I always held the place together.  One of my greatest strengths has always been that “you can count on me to get the job done…thoroughly and with integrity.”

Back in Week 6, I was introduced to a Stranger.   Week 6 – Hello Stranger!  Someone that I had not yet met, but intend to spend the rest of my life with – she is my reason to get up early in the morning, and to push myself in the evening.  She is my mentor – the person I have looked up to for my whole life, and especially now in this time of uncovering my true self.  People want to be with her – they love the sound of her laugh, the sparkle in her eye – her wisdom that she shares freely.  People flock to her because of her magnetic personality.  She is with me on long drives, and when I am in my most intimate thoughts.   She is the reason that I cleanse my palate with nourishing greens, and let my spirit dance freely.

But she is not just my mentor, she is counting on mbuddahe to be there for her, too.  She is counting on me to be the one to put in the work so that we can be together and have the life we have imagined.  We know it has taken some time to build the momentum, and she has been patiently waiting, but we have set some goals together and she’s counting on me.   I now know that I need to take the lead because she is there waiting for me.

“What would the person I intend to become do next?”

I keep her in the front of my mind every day, and remind myself of the promise I have made to her.  For she is my greatest love, and she drives me to be my best self.  I have had to put other things in front of her – career and family obligations that needed to be addressed, but now we are free to be together.   We have big dreams. And big plans. And nothing can keep us apart, because I have given her my word.


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