Week 17 – The Winning Ticket

15150_en_gbWe couldn’t believe it.  We stared at the scratch ticket.  Counted the cards.  Was it really possible?  Was this $5 ticket that my husband had bought the real deal?  I don’t play poker, but this new lottery scratch ticket mimics the craze of World Championship Poker, and outlines on the back the rank of who beats what. Royal Flush, Full House, Straight, etc. they were all just background noise.  But here it was. Clear as day.  We had 5 consecutive cards and the scratch opponent (the state) had 3 of a kind.  According to the back, we had won.  The prize was $1 Million Dollars.

What does it feel like to win a Million Dollars?  We were very calm.  First, I signed the ticket – after all, we are in Massachusetts where everyone has their hand in the till.  I calmly got my coat and ID, and we drove back to the store.  First thing I told my husband, “If we just won a Million Dollars, you’re coming to Hawaii with me for MKMMA!”  Heck, might as well just stay in Hawaii for a while!  But then the needs became more simple – “I want to get you new tires for your car.”  “I want to pay off our bills.”  “I just want to feel like we can breathe!”   But then what would we do next?

Lucky I’ve been sitting and visualizing that future self – that rich smell of the desert oasis where the magnetic fields take away the stress in your body, and the sun drenches you with Vitamin D.  To me, debt free means a life of freedom – free to serve others, free to tread the earth gently and live peacefully – to live by the heart compass and not by the corporate alarm clock.  The sits, the studies, the colors and shapes – all to tap in to the meaning of life.  The life that is “not measured by how many breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”  The meaning that we breathe into the life that we live and the lives that we impact.

The ticket was not a winner.  But my belief was so strong that it took two different store clerks at two different stores and a call to the State Lottery Commission to convince me.  It was fun to dream of a shortcut for just that 1 hour today.  But I have a winning ticket already.  For I am nature’s greatest miracle.

“I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.  I am no longer fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open.  I look beyond the cloth and I am not deceived.” Og Mandino 

We have our love.  We have our health. And every day is a new opportunity to build the life of which we dream.



7 thoughts on “Week 17 – The Winning Ticket

  1. Holy crap, it’s a good thing you remained calm! Sorry it wasn’t the big winner, but you’re perspective is perfect, “free to serve others, free to tread the earth gently and live peacefully”. Even without 1M, you’re already living this way. Xo

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