Week 8 – The 7 Day Mental Cleanse

For it is another of Nature’s Laws that only a Habit can subdue another Habit.”  Og Mandino

A diet is such a harsh thing…It’s so lonely.  It signifies “lack.” Is it a Crash Diet?   A Detox?   A grapefruit Diet?   Diet sounds like deprivation.   Even Garfield the clever cartoon cat said “have you ever noticed that the first 3 letters of Diet are D-I-E?”

When first contemplating the Mental Diet, I did consider that perhaps a part of me might have to die in order to move forward…  The part that loves to have an opinion.  The part that loves to have the last word.  It’s so hard to just leave a thought hanging.  I keep more than a few peptides fed with that malarkey.  Walk away from all entertainment and Social commentary for a week?  Right now?   What will that possibly mean for me????

I have to admit, it is lovely to take a break.  But what would it mean to consider the concept of a cleanse rather than a diet.  A cleanse is refreshing.  A cleanse offers a new start.  A cleanse adds vitality to your life rather than depriving you of something you love.  Who doesn’t love to indulge in an invigorating shower, just to chascan3nge your perspective and have a whole new view on the world?  Isn’t it a special surprise when your car has been completely cleaned by a sudden and vigorous rainstorm?  Even a colon cleanse is a great way to get rid of the B.S. that has been backing you up for years!    There is a reason we’ve all had some of our best ideas in the shower.

So here is where I am on Day 4 of my mental cleanse.  I haven’t even peeked at Facebook.  I have not listened to the news or any commentary on the radio, nor have I read anything online.  I figure if the world is coming to an end, someone will let me know.  And you know what has happened?  My inner voice is pretty happy.  She’s in a pretty good mood.  Like, all the time!   She’s really digging the contemplative quiet to expand her imagination.  She’s getting into her roots and coming up with some inspired ideas.  It is a joy to connect with people live . . . and it’s so calm.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing all of those things, but it’s hard to think clearly when you are in an echo chamber that is keeping you in the same place.  Each person is like a gift that unfolds in front of me.   Now, I know it’s not over completely between me and social media.  But making intentional and healthy choices is a positive way to feed a mindset for a productive future.


10 thoughts on “Week 8 – The 7 Day Mental Cleanse

  1. Gail I always LOVE your blog! From this day forward I shall “cleanse” my mind (no more diet talk!!). And while I’ve been diligent about no TV, I am still on social media, though much less. From this moment on, I shall take a cleansing break from it until after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thank you for inspiring me to do so!

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    1. Doesn’t it sound more positive? I’m going to suggest it as an upgrade to Mark and Davene – just like moving from Chore Cards to Service Cards – it’s seemed like a more healthy choice! Looking forward to reading yours as well.


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